Beer Bites and Beats tasting experiences will begin tomorrow and Saturday we will kick off the block party! I had NEVER tried craft beer until I picked up a second job at Deadbeach Brewery. After I got my first taste of craft beer I stopped drinking the typical Bud Light, Blue Moon, and Angry Orchard. It went all uphill for me after I had my first sip of craft beer at Deadbeach Brewery.

So since the Beer Bites and Beats Festival is coming up quick, what will be your go-to beer? The craft beer I tried at DeadBeach Brewery which had me head over heels for was the Abuela Stout. But the reason why it is served in a small tulip glass is because of the alcohol content it contains. But another favorite of mine is the Heartbreaker which is a sour beer. So I am curious what type of craft beer you will be standing in line for at Beer Bites and Beats Festival this weekend. Let me know in the poll down below!