The weather in El Paso can change quite often and leave us a surprise to wake up to.

Hey, who doesn't love surprises, right? I love my hometown for everything it is bi-polar weather and all. The only con about El Paso's temperatures always changing is when you plan out an outfit and have to change it due to a cold-front shift.

Well, El Paso gave us a little bit of a white surprise in the morning.

Almost every El Pasoan can appreciate how the Franklin Mountains crest looks majestic with white frost every now and then. I know I have said I don't like the cold but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it when it does happen.

One particular way to enjoy scoping out the view of our mountains is when it's snowing, raining, or sprinkling. Our Franklin Mountains look breathtaking when the snow partially covers them.

Normally when that happens is when you can expect your social media to be filled with beautiful pictures.

You know you're in El Paso when people share all the different types of weather El Paso experiences from time to time.

Actually, that is another way I check the weather before getting ready.

For example, this morning all I had to do was open Facebook, and viola a weather update.

My good friend Cass shared a couple of pictures of the mountain covered with just a tad of snow. Her pictures of the snow on the mountain gave me an idea of how layered up I had to get for work.

She wasn't the only one sharing the beautiful scenery El Paso had.

Westside Sunrise from r/ElPaso

You will find a lot of pictures of El Paso scenery and weather scattered throughout El Paso's Reddit section.

A Reddit user 16BitGenocide shared their lovely sunrise view this morning from the Westside of town (above). Now when El Paso is experiencing a little bit of snow, is when pictures float all around social media.

I do the same thing for snow, rainbows (after it rains), and gloomy overcast days. What type of weather do you notice El Pasoans sharing the most on their newsfeed when it's happening? Share your opinion in the poll below.

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