We all have grown up hearing so many urban legends about a handful of high schools in El Paso. I remember hearing all sorts of insane stories from both sides of my mom and dad's family. In fact, my parentals are rivals since my mom attended El Paso High and my dad went to Austin High School. That just meant they would tell me "scary ghost stories" about both of their schools. I could believe that El Paso High School is haunted and besides it is the oldest school in El Paso. But there are other older schools that apparently experienced some unexplainable things also. The other schools I have heard haunting stories about are Bowie, Ysleta, and Austin High School.

I don't really believe I heard any whacky stories about Coronado High School being haunted when I was there. But I definitely heard a lot of ghost stories about Austin High School growing up with my dad. Although the one about a ghost appearing at the top of that bell tower at Austin High School is laughable. Different friends of mine and their parents have told me stories that involve all four high schools. From all the high school stories you've heard, which high school would you say has the most haunting story? I actually am stuck between El Paso High and Austin but not because my parents went there. It is funny how one of the stories I have heard had to involve a breakup with a guy and girl. Pick the high school you think has the eeriest story that considers them haunted in the poll below.

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