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BlackBoxTV Presents Urban Legends – 3 Short Scary Films Based on Urban Legends [VIDEO]
A short while back, I talked about a project where some YouTube directors were asked to shoot some Halloween horror videos based on Urban Legends. The three films came out yesterday for the world to see. The idea is from BlackBoxTV, a YouTube channel devoted to horror films and making them. If you haven't checked out the channel, there are some really cool short films to watch in case you want to
3 Short Films About Urban Legends Coming on October 30th [VIDEO]
For a guy who loves scary movies (like me), there's a bunch of cool stuff on the interwebs. Lots of independent filmmakers now have the chance to make the movies they want to make, and they don't really have to cater to the big movie companies, pay exorbitant wages to crap actors, union stuff, site fees (don't tell anyone)...you get the idea.