If you're a Los Angeles Dodger fan, you must be praying a little harder lately. Tomorrow is game one of the World Series and I am nervous! The last time the Los Angeles Dodgers played the Boston Red Sox was 102 years ago. This month in 1916 the Boston Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in a five-game series. I was rooting for the Boston Red Sox when they played against the Houston Astros. Some wounds take longer to heal since I clearly still hold a grudge towards the Astros for winning last year. The Dodgers are back a second time around to win the 2018 World Series! A lot of people who are fans of other teams wanted the Houston Astros to win last year. Last year every non-Astro fan said they rooted for the Astros because of Hurricane Harvey. Now I want to know who you would like to see win the World Series this year! My future hubby is a Boston Red Sox fan which means it is game on for us tomorrow. We're that kind of couple that enjoys making bets on occasion. So IF the Dodgers lose (which my team better not let me down) I must pick one option to obey. I would like your help and choose which option I should follow through with for my team losing. Would you rather see him win a prize for my team losing or me do the walk of shame?

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