As a cat owner, I often get a little envious of dog owners when I see them out and about at happy hour with their furry companion along with them. I know for sure that I could never take my cat to such events; they're well behaved cats but I think the amount of people would make them skittish.

Well, with a friend of mine coming out of town, I knew that I would have to find some pet friendly places for us to get together because he takes his dog, Lola, everywhere! I know we're going to want some drinks, maybe some tasty bites, and most importantly, somewhere where Lola can be comfortable.

If you have friends who want to take their furry companion out, or if you want to see where you and your dog can grab a bite and a drink- here are 13 bar patios that are dog friendly!

13 Pet Friendly Patios In El Paso For Yappy Hour in El Paso

Enjoy yappy hour with your furry companion at these pet-friendly patios in El Paso

Some of these are fairly obvious; like The Yard Patio Beer Garden. The Yard is kind of new El Paso- with the concept that you and your dog can have a great time together.  The Yard has quickly become a favorite for pet owners and for those of us just looking for a cool place to chill on the patio. Also, I love being out on a patio somewhere and then someone brings their dog- it just elevates the atmosphere!

For the most part, lots of places seem dog friendly these days- I've seen dogs at bars when everyone is dancing- and trust me, the dog is the star of the show!

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