Tamal season is upon us, finally! While my mom is waiting until the 24th for us to make tamales, elsewhere in the borderland the tamales are flowing. From famous restaurants to the lady at the Food King parking lot, I am trying to get my tamal fix!

Tamales are delicious and they are constantly evolving, you have a different variety to choose from. You have regular red tamales with corn husks, sometimes they're wrapped in banana leaves, sweet tamales and even hot Cheeto tamales. There are also a ton of ways to enjoy them, my favorite? Red tamales topped with chile con queso. Classic. I'm usually not one to judge, but I recently found out that some people like their tamales with ketchup and I. WAS. SHOOKETH!

Look, I'm all for weird food combinations, have you tried peanut butter and jelly on a tortilla de harina? Delicious! This, though, is taking it too far. Not to be a Judgy McJudgerson, I decided to try it. My reasoning was: I like ketchup and I like tamales separately, maybe it's not so bad. Spoiler alert: IT'S AWFUL! Hello, police? I need to report a crime! I feel like Baby Yoda now.

I get it, everyone has different tastes, ketchup and tamales is not for everyone, it's an acquired taste that unfortunately for me, my palate has not acquired. But I guess if you like it, then go for it, as for me, I'll pass. I don't care if our Queen Selena loved them like that.

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