Some adults (including myself) can relate to Disturbed's frontman David Draiman. We've had the same feeling David Draiman had with his piercing at one point. I use to have my lip pierced and decided it was time to say goodbye a few years ago. When I got my lip piercing I was a single chick with just a furry kid (my cat Peanut) to take care of. I'll admit I enjoyed my lip piercing for the time I had it from 2008 to 2014. In the picture above my lip ring was at least 8 months old. I really enjoyed my lip ring until I realized it was doing more damage to my teeth. The bad thing about a lip or tongue piercing is the damage it could do. I would catch myself biting down a lot on my lip ring which affected my teeth. Before having my lip ring I also got my tongue pierced (dumb move) and had swallowed a ball or two from the barbell. But I totally agree with David Draiman about removing his piercing and how age makes a difference. Now the sad part about it is we have known him for that metal chin but won't anymore. Do you think he should only use the piercing for performances or just keep it off for good? Take the poll below!