Whataburger fans may be having a panic attack, some locations have been putting up signs about a nationwide chicken shortage.

I saw recently saw a local restaurant owner complaining on his social media page about the price of chicken. He was discussing the price of chicken wings for his restaurant and explaining why he would have to be raising his prices for chicken products at his establishment.

Now it looks like the nationwide chicken shortage has hit home- and by home we mean Whataburger.

A San Antonio news station posted a photo showing how their local Whataburger locations have signs posted letting customers know some chicken products may not be available. News4SanAntonio explained that there was a chicken shortage happening across the country and their Whataburger locations were being affected:

Turns out, it's not just Whataburgers in San Antonio that are being affected. Many Whataburger fans complained after finding out their Whataburgers were also dealing with a chicken shortage:

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Looks like the chicken shortage isn't hitting only San Antonio Whataburgers, but I haven't seen the signs yet on the Whataburger down the street from my house. I may head over today to get myself a honey butter chicken biscuit in honor of those out there who can't enjoy their own delicious Whataburger chicken sandwich.

Just remember this isn't Whataburgers fault or any of the other fast-food restaurants. There is a national chicken shortage happening and no word on when it's going to calm down. Let's just hope it's soon.

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