There’s a puddle in a parking lot in some Spanish-speaking country (probably El Paso) that unsuspecting pedestrians walk through. Or, I should say, they WOULD have walked through if the puddle hadn’t been much, much deeper than they realized!

Watch the video and then I have a comment. It’s something you may not have noticed!

Ha Ha, very funny. But, wait a tick…the guy filming this KNOWS how deep the puddle is! And, sure, it’s kind of funny. But look closely at the first person who falls in at the :05 mark in the video.

That’s a woman…CARRYING A BABY! Seriously, watch again if you have to! The lady with the purple umbrella has a very small child in her arms. The ass-wad filming this KNOWS what’s going to happen and he even LAUGHS when the woman and baby go underwater.

If you look even closer, you’ll see the woman has to go back INTO the water to retrieve the child. This choad-goblin is laughing at the near-drowning of a baby!

I was so mad when I realized this I almost…ALMOST…consider not writing a blog about it! But, it’s Thursday already and I’ve got a quota to meet.

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