For over two decades, Karrie Keyes has been one of the most important people behind Pearl Jam's sound.

She's controls what Pearl Jam hear, not the crowd, ensuring that that each member hears everything exactly the way he wants to hear it.  Every time, under every possible condition: indoors, outdoors, rainy, sunny, hot, cold, etc, etc. A critical role in any band because; if what they hear isn't right, what the audience hears won't be right.

  • She's held this gig for over 20 years. That's rare for sound engineers, even moreso for female engineers. (Rock, in many ways, is still a man's world.)
  • She's done her job, running all over the world, and still found a way to be a Mom. She even worked huge tours while pregnant.
  • She's a "she". As noted above, rock is still pretty sexist so, you don't see many females doing this.

Which is why she co-founded SoundGirls, whose goal is to:

empower the next generation of women in audio by establishing networks of support, mentorships, internships, and job placement.

Here in El Paso, you can learn to run sound at Sound Stage 9!