Your job may drive you crazy but, does your chosen field mean you actually are crazy?

Certain jobs are more likely to be held by psychopaths than others according to And almost half the freakin' list applies to me.

Number 9 (Chefs) got my attention as I work next door to, and talk frequently with, one. (Fortunately, Chef Ruli from Unrulis is a very nice guy.) Numbers 3, 4 and 6 though, whoa. Number 6 went to Journalists, a title which applies to many here at KLAQ, KSII and KROD. Number 4 went to salespeople and number 3 went to tv and radio personalities.

WTF!?!? Half this building is full of one and the other half is nothing but the other!! (It doesn't make me feel any better that they recently posted these.)


Check out the rest of the list here. Also, if you stop by for any reason, remember that it's best not to stare and don't make any sudden moves.