Well, sorta .......

In todays Loudwire rock news on KLAQ, I heard what Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch) did before he made the big time.  He was in Mandy Moores band!? (Don't blame him for keeping that to himself.)

At least he was in the right field!  Ozzy worked in a slaughterhouse. (No idea whether he actually did any of the slaughtering; I think he just carried the carcasses around.)  His Sabbath bro Tony Iommi was into heavy metal prior to Sabbath!  He worked in a sheet metal factory.

Jack White was an upholsterer, Gene Simmons was ... at one point ... a paperboy, Kurt Cobain was a janitor and Jonathon Davis wanted to be a mortician.

Jonathon and I have something in common there.  In addition to being a pharmacists tech, working for a production company and delivering every freakin' bit of furniture in El Paso; I worked in a funeral home.  (I had no desire to actually become a mortician; I needed work and they needed somebody to pick up dead people.  Got some GREAT stories from that one!) 

Anyway, how about you?  What did you do to pay the bills 'til you got that dream job/degree/lucky break??