I posted a while back that there was some big news coming from Pearl Jam today.

A clock on their website was counting down to today and when it hit zero, the big announcement was made.  Tour dates!!

I had a few guesses as to what was coming in a post I did last week and announcing a Pearl Jam tour was one of the things I suspected.  (I also thought they might drop a new single, announce a lineup change or release a cook book.)

I may still get another one right as the countdown clock has reset itself and is now counting down to July 10th.  These guys are going to drive us crazy .......

For now, the closest they get to us is Phoenix November 19th.

(You have 2 chances to see them this month!  If you're anywhere near Chicago or Canada anyway ... The 16th in Ontario and the 19th at Wrigley Field.)

We'll find out what's next for Pearl Jam on the 10th.  (If I can find out what;s up sooner than that, I'll post it here at KLAQ.com for you!)

All the dates are in the video!


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