Upcoming tour? New music? Somethings up!

On that day at 1:00pm EST, they're going to announce ....... something.

I mentioned a while back that I heard they've almost completed a new cd. Now rumor has it that a song called "Mind Your Manners" could be released this month. (Maybe on the 8th?)

Or maybe they're going to announce a new tour. (Only 3 dates are scheduled for them at this point.)

Maybe they've created their own festival as Metallica (Orion Music And More Festival), Rob Zombie (Great American Nightmare) and a few others have recently.

Perhaps they plan to announce some cool new web based, interactive "stuff" or a lineup change.......

Then again, maybe they've written a cook book.

Who knows?  We'll all find out soon enough, in the meantime here's a little something to hold you over!

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