El Pasoan Ej Rojas is trying to get a challenge started by paying it forward to those who are less fortunate with sandwiches. He usually likes to kick back on his days off from work, but thought he would make his time off useful as well as helpful. He had a productive Sunday by going to his local grocery store to get the items he needed to make sandwiches. When he finished buying his groceries, his total came out to about six dollars. He bought a pack of bologna, bread, cheese, sandwich bags and already had the dressing at home. He was able to make 12 sandwiches and pack them up to serve around to the poor. This humble move does not cost a lot to help out the homeless but will have you feeling like a million bucks.

How many of you will be willing to accept this challenge by making sandwiches for the less fortunate? Preview his turn out down below with a few people he was able to help out!