Pastor Ray Chavez, is facing tons of criticism, after walking out on a funeral for Denver woman, Vanessa Collier. He left the ceremony after seeing a memorial video during Collier's funeral, which showed her sharing a kiss with her and her wife.

Collier, 33, died on December 30th, but the funeral took place on January 10th. Fifteen minutes into the service, the pastor walked out, after the family refused to remove the kiss from the video.

The family said that the ministry had the video days before the ceremony, but they guess they never reviewed it. Unfortunatly, the pall bearers had to move the casket to another funeral home to continue the services.

Pastor Chavez has been contacted by news outlets, but he still has not commented on his actions. Another pastor from the same ministry, New Hope Ministry, as Chavez did give a quote, "We don't want overt, open homosexuality in our sanctuary,' said Gary Rolando

The family did receive a refund for the cancellation of a service, but they still haven't received a sincere apology, as Ronaldo only apologized for the way it happened.