Today is the day we say goodbye forever to Toys R' Us. On March 15,  Toys“R”Us announced plans to shut down its operations in the U.S and it all ends today as liquidation sales will be completed by end of day. Some stores have already run out of merchandise and closed early, while others still have stuff on their shelves. It's the end of an era and as a kid who grew up in the '90's all I have are the memories. So imagine my heart's reaction when I saw this:

As we all say goodbye to our homie Geoffrey we'll get to say hello to a new friend. Party City. Okay, so Party City doesn't have a cool giraffe friend that we're all on a first name basis with, but Party City now has the spaces to introduce to us "Toy City." According to a press release from Party City, they will launch "temporary Toy City sites alongside Halloween City pop-up stores in a variety of locations across the country."  So, we're not only going to be getting a pop-up Toys 'R' Us, we'll also be getting pop-up Halloween stores from Party City. With Toys 'R' Us' closing all around the country, Party City has the space to make that happen.

The Toy City pop-up stores will open in early September 2018 along with Party City's Halloween City, which is perfect timing for the holiday season. I see what you did there, Party City.