It's officially fall across the country, however, here in the borderland, summer is still lingering on. The air is a little crisper in the morning, but don't let that fool you! By noon, the sun starts blazing and the heat becomes unbearable!

Nevertheless, it is Halloween season and to celebrate the Halloween season, the El Paso Parks & Rec department is throwing a family swim night at the East Side Natatorium also known as the "Beast Natatorium".

If you're wondering about the entrance fee? Entrance fee is 5 pounds of individually wrapped candy per family (up to 5 people for family). Which is totally easy to find, candy is all over the stores right now! The candy benefits the El Paso Parks & Recs department free Halloween event for the community.

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No reservations are required- just bring the family, some candy and you're in!

I know it sounds strange to be swimming in October, but, looking at the weather, it's not a bad time to take at least one more dip in the pool; at the very least- if it does get a bit chilly- the pool is indoors (natatorium is just a fancy way of saying "indoor pool"). This particular one houses a 50-meter competition-ready pool with a diving well and pool deck space for 400 competitors, as well as seating for up to 800 spectators, so there's plenty of space for families across the city to join in on the Halloween family swim night!

The event starts at 5 PM and the pool is located at 13501 Jason Crandall. While all the other city pools are closed, take advantage of this final chance to swim in the Sun City!

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