On Friday, November 9th, Ghost blessed the Sun City and performed at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. It was my first time seeing them and it was amazing! But before heading out to the Abraham Chavez, Ghost front man Tobias Forge stopped by the KLAQ studios and sat down with our very own Kevin Vargas. No, I did not get to meet him when he dropped by, but we were in the same building! I did get to see the back of his head when he was in the interview (it was beautiful) but unfortunately I didn't stay long enough to get the chance to introduce myself to him. But that was okay because the show that evening was EVERYTHING!

Kevin and Tobias sat down to talk about the future of Ghost, spoiler alert; Forge is always two steps ahead when it comes to the future of Ghost. They also got to talk about the influence of horror films on not only the Ghost songs but their cover art as well, and maybe now you can see why I fell in love with this band. The interview covers a whole lot of other topics like- "Is the Cardinal here to stay?" and "What is the Connis Penis." All is revealed in our online exclusive interview with Tobias Forge!

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