If you're a postal worker, there is one Texas city you may want to steer clear of. I always thought it was an urban legend about dogs chasing the postal workers until I saw it with my own eyes. Thankfully, it was my pug Tubby who has more legs than teeth so I didn't feel that he was a real threat to the mailman, but he didn't agree. He seems genuinely scared until I put my pug back into the house. After, I learned to restrain my dog when the mail person walks up, no matter how innocent I think he seems.

The problem of dogs attacking postal workers is apparently so common, there are national rankings looking at the number of attacks based on cities and states. The U.S. Postal Service Dog Attack National Rankings (quite a mouthful but the name is pretty self-explanatory), shows which cities you should reconsider getting a career with the United States Postal Service. According to the rnakings, there were over 5,800 postal service employees that were attacked by dogs last year alone, but that number has decreased. The number of attacks is down about 200 in 2018 and 400 less than the number in 2018.

So what city is the worst for dog attacks on postal workers? Looks like Houston, Texas is the worst with 85 dog attacks in 2019 and Dallas came in at number 5 with 40 attacks in 2019. California came in at number 1 for dog attacks by state with 779 attacks. Texas came in second with 491 attacks last year. Read more about the rankings on the Yahoo website.

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