Getting a Grammy in the music world is a big deal; so for a musician & artist, it can really be turning point in their career. We've had a few artists from El Paso getting nominated for Grammys in the past, like Khalid, who's been nominated 7 times, & Roger Argenis, who got his first Grammy Nomination in 2020. In 2022, he's getting his 2nd.

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For those who don't know who Roger Argenis is, he is the founder of the Sound Stage 9 Music School & the guitarist for the local band SayVerse. He also runs his own management team: Argenis Management. One of the bands he manages is The Lucky Band, formerly Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. Last year they released their 16th studio album, Crayon Kids.

Their album Crayon Kids was produced by El Paso's own Roger Argenis & this week it was announced that it was  nominated for a Grammy for Best Children's Music Album. The Lucky Band had 4 prior Latin Grammy nominations (2 wins) & this is Roger's 2nd overall. Fun Fact: Roger's 1st Latin Grammy Nomination was WITH The Lucky Band for their Paseo Lunar album; they won the Latin Grammy for Best Children's Album.

Roger is not done making music either; as he released his new solo song, "No Caer" on all streaming services back in January.

Roger has done a lot of El Paso musicians & I have a feeling that Roger will NOT stop making music or helping El Paso artists. I think he's only getting started...

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