Remember “Cribs”? Famous actors, musicians and sports stars would let MTV’s cameras into their home to show off their wealth and awesome decorating sense.

If you felt jealous watching all that opulence, maybe it wasn’t actually warranted. As the video posted below explains, much of the lavish lifestyles were not genuine.

For instance, one of the most famous Cribs moment was when Britpop star Robbie Williams leads the cameras into the bedroom and quips, “And this is where the magic happens”. It ended up being a running line for the rest of the run of Cribs and entered the common vernacular. As it turns out, if there was any magic happening in that room it was being made by Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman because the house actually belonged to actress Jane Seymour. Ja Rule’s “mansion” was actually a 4 day rental property that he ended up being sued by the owner over because he kind of trashed the place.

I remember other episodes where the stars took the opposite approach. I recall one episode where Sliders star Jerry O’Connell gave the grand tour of his Crib : the modest apartment he shared with his brother and future Bachelor star, Charlie. When he showed his pool, there were lots of other tenants hanging out, seemingly oblivious to the MTV cameras.

Also, there was the Redman episode where he gave us a tour of his actual small home on Staten Island, littered with dirty laundry and his cousin wrapped in a blanket and sleeping on the floor. According to Redman, MTV tried to convince him to use a phony home but he refused because…Def Squad keeps it real, I guess?

Here’s the video that details so, so many other dirty lies that MTV Cribs foisted upon an unsuspecting public.

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