This is not an anti-police story. This is an anti-BAD police story. Forget about the race of the victim in this story (Latino). Also, forget about the race of the police officer in this story (undetermined).
This may have something to do with race. But it's much more about the way some police view their role in society. "To Protect and Serve" is a pretty good motto and one that deserves to be striven for. But what's being protected in the following video? A pack of Mentos? Would it be worth a human life to save a gas station the loss of ...what? A dollar?

This is video of a man who purchased a pack of Mentos (the Freshmaker) at a gas station. An off-duty police officer wearing gym clothes, for whatever reason, thought the man had STOLEN the mints. So, he pulled a gun out of his shorts and threatened the man with it. Watch...

First, it's GOT to be against police protocol to draw a weapon before you've ascertained that a crime has taken place. I'm not sure but I hope it is.'s a freakin' pack of Mentos, man!!

What would the off-duty officer had done if the guy HADN'T put the Mentos down? Would he have shot him? Over Mentos??

Anybody can make a mistake. The difference is, if a civilian had accused a stranger of shoplifting a one dollar item, we wouldn't think we had the right to use lethal force. If I pulled a gun on a guy over a pack of Mentos I would be, rightfully, characterized as a psychopath. MY mistake might lead to some embarrassment, some harsh words or , worst case scenario, a scuffle. A police officer's mistake might lead to much worse. It's like Uncle Ben said: "With great power comes great responsibility".

Thankfully, a tragedy was avoided. The officer apologized and the man got to go home to his family. But, Jesus, it was just a pack of Mentos.

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