Today, another 6,204 Texans reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, and another 143 more Texans lost their battle with COVID. Even so, the state is reporting that there aren't enough people going out and getting tested for COVID-019. The news is somewhat shocking since in the early days of the pandemic we kept hearing reports of there being a shortage of COVID tests, and people were having difficulty being able to find one. Then, we heard stories of miles-long lines at testing sites with locations having to close early for the day after running out of tests. After those issues, then people had to wait for days or even weeks to receive the test results. When you think of all the headaches people have endured regarding the COVID testing issues, it's not surprising many decided to just not get tested and hope for the best. But the problems seen at the beginning of the pandemic are gone and there is a new issue according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott- we don't have enough people getting tested.

At a press conference in Lubbock last week, the Governor said the state has seen a significant decrease in the number of people getting tested at the locations across the state. According to the Texas Tribune,

"We have far more daily testing capacity than there are tests being undertaken because we’re not having people step forward to be tested as we did before."

Texas officials are now working to try and get more people to go and use the state's free testing sites. While COVID-19 testing is free through a person's insurance, the state-run locations are free to anyone. A COVID test can run someone a hundred dollars to several hundred depending on the type of test being administered. State health officials are now urging Texans to go and get tested, whether they are showing COVID symptoms or not. You can read more about the lack of Texans using the COVID-19 testing sites at the Associated Press.

If you would like to go and get tested, there are several options to go and get a quick test done. Most test results are taking 2-3 days to get results, I tested on Wednesday and received my results on Friday. See below to find testing sites in El Paso County.

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