You may want to be extra careful wrapping it up if you find yourself getting frisky with a mate today. If you have unprotected sex today, there's a pretty good chance you'll have a brand new bundle of joy in about nine months. December 11th is the most fertile day of the year, whether it be because of science or magic or whatever. September is the most popular birth month here in the United States, and abroad. Other countries like China, Japan, Lebanon, Israel, the UK and regions of Africa all report an uptick in births during the month of September. Doing the math, that means the most popular month of conception would be December. Some statistics get even more precise saying the most popular birthday is September 17th, which means today, December 11th, is the most popular day of conception.

The main thing most people (especially those bumping uglies) want to know is why is December 11th should a popular conception date? There are some theories as to why this could be true, for instance how the cold winter weather could have an influence on people want to snuggle up and do the deed. It sounds right until you realize how December is a peak baby-making month in countries that are also in the Southern hemisphere where they're currently having their summer season. The website Visme has a handy chart that shows the different countries and when they're having their peak baby-making time. Both New Zealand and Australia are in the Southern Hemisphere and December is the peak baby-making month. Countries like Chile and Panama straddle the equator, while Costa Rica, Venezuela, Malaysia, and the Philippines are in close proximity to the equator line. All of these countries name December as their peak baby-making time.

Another theory is the Christmas holiday could be why there are so many more couple conceiving during the month of December but this theory can also be debunked. Christmas isn't widely celebrated in countries like China, Israel and Japan where the number is still have for babies conceived in December. Check out the Romper website to read more about how the winter and summer solstice could play a factor in the lovemaking that happens on December 11th. And make sure if you are or aren't looking to add another member to your family, you're prepared either way.

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