You read that headline correctly. Local comedian/Freeloader Nico Adjemian recently sucked upon the Toe of Satan.
The Toe of Satan is billed as the world’s hottest lollipop. The packaging says the Toe of Satan has 9 million Scoville units of chili extract. I don’t have any idea what that means but it sounds really hot!

You can order the Toe of Satan here. It must be pretty spicy because Nico began sweating AND crying within the first 30 seconds of eating it. I’m not sure where this video is going to start up so let me explain that we fooled Nico into eating the Toe of Satan. We told him it was a new, chamoy flavored lollipop that they were going to start selling at the baseball games. They had recently brought in some fried grasshoppers (which they actually ARE selling) for us to sample. It was as simple as giving Nico his choice: eat a handful of grasshoppers or suck on a “chamoy” flavored lolly. I think you know which one he picked.

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