So, about the game today ...

A bunch of people apparently don't want Nickelback to play the half time show.  Nickelback apparently don't want to NOT play the half time show.  What to do?  Well, don't worry; Nickelback and Paul Scheer have a plan!! They even get Tom Selleck, Alice Cooper and Robocop involved!

Check out the video from funny or die that lays out their whole master plan. In it, Scheer says;

"Let's give Motor City that Motown sound they love," Scheer offers the rockers. "You're no longer Nickelback - now you're the Four Nickels. We'll put you guys in matching suits. You'll do synchronized dancing."

Click the link to watch it but, be careful!  There are a few F-bombs in it ... NSFW!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you and your family have the best holiday ever!

Now, grab a turkey leg, a few beers and let's get ready for some football!!!!!!!

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