Sometimes new menu items fast food places create make me think the panel is a bunch of stoners. Honestly, most stoners do come up with some concoctions that are scrumptious! But Kentucky Fried Chicken will be releasing a new menu item next month that includes Cheetos. I am not sure about you but I have grown up putting Doritos on my cold sandwiches I've made.

This new invention that KFC came up with has me and my friends with mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong, the new Cheetos Sandwich sounds and looks delicious. The concerns some might have about the sandwich is how long until the Cheetos get soggy. But the dude who got to trail the Cheeto Sandwich from KFC made it clear that it's very tasty.

This bite of this deliciousness from KFC won't be available until next month. Is this something you would be willing to buy and try when it's released? Take the poll if you love the idea or hate it down below!

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