Dicodec just released a new video for their song, "La Casa Negra", and once again approach their video in their own unique way. 

The video for their ode to addiction is almost comical ... and I say that as a genuine compliment. They put a lot of thought and effort into their videos but, they're not exactly "serious" about them. (Much like Foo Fighters videos.) And, you know what? Why should they? We have enough in the world to take seriously these days, music and videos should be fun!!

Alan, from Dicodec, sent me his explanation of the song and video:

It is about being addicted to something and it taking hold of you. Struggling to break free from it. The music idea, came from my friends, in New York, that would make fun of me about being addicted to tomato sauce and cheese. So we wanted to keep it light, since there is lot of dark addiction stories. Sometimes we can be addicted to a lot of other things like soda, tomato sauce, and candy etc....


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