A new study is saying that you waste 29 hours a year listening to your GPS. Whether it's Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, you could be wasting your time... according to the study.

A poll of 2,000 drivers revealed that 27% of people think they're getting confusing directions from their GPS, which leads to making a wrong turn and having to back track. Almost half of people, 47%, say they've gotten into a verbal disagreement with their GPS, and 31% admit to shouting at it.

While I people average a half hour a week being lost to their GPS confusing them, I still live by my GPS. And considering the study showed that a lot of people lose that time because they take the wrong turn, could say more about them, than the GPS. I use my GPS even when I know where I'm going. For example, if I'm going to Buzz's house, there are three different routes I can take. But with how bad traffic can get, I always turn on my GPS and it gives me the quickest route there.

And the reason I will trust the GPS to get me where I need to go in the quickest amount of time. I was heading somewhere and the GPS had me taking this weird route through the neighborhood by my house. It should have been two simple lefts, but I trusted the GPS. Low and behold, when I get a couple blocks down, I see what was happening. The route I normally would have taken had a gigantic line of cars that was barely moving. I avoided this traffic thanks to Waze.

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