Land is being cleared for a new shopping mall.  Not another freaking "strip mall" but a genuine "Mall" mall!  Something the northeast has lacked for years so this is a big deal!

Or is it?

Sure, having new shops, restaurants, etc in North Hills (the US-54/Kenworthy area) will be awesome.  There could be a new water park heading to Northeast also!  Great news so, what's the problem-o?

Many people are PO'd that the mall tenants are businesses we already have.

Northeast El Paso to get new shopping mall
Photo, Getty Images

McDonalds and Wal Mart Market are among the stores moving into "North Hills Crossing".  Great places sure but, they're already strongly represented in Northeast El Paso.

  • McDonalds in, Chik - fil- a out.  There's a McDonalds about a mile from the new mall while the nearest Chik - fil- a is on the other side of the mountain.
  • 5 Guys Burgers, another restaurant with NO northeast location, is also out.
  • As for Wal Mart, there are several in the area.  One is within a mile or 2 of North Hills Crossing!
  • Dollar Tree is also in.  Even though they have several locations in the area, including one on nearby Fairbanks Dr.

Other businesses originally in but now out include Michael's, Office Depot and JC Penny.  A bunch of people have already signed a petition to reconsider at least 3 stores because of their many, existing northeast locations.

What do you think?  Should the northeast just be glad we finally got thrown a bone or are residents right to resist getting "more of the same"??

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