Another, special, screening of Metallica performing with the San Fransisco symphony has been added for El Paso.

If you missed Metallica: S & M 2, when it showed here in El Paso before, you get one more chance this Wednesday evening at  Cinemark 20/XD. Get your tickets here.

Metallica, on the big screen and in full, kick ass quality theater sound, Wednesday night. (10/30/19) If you missed the other showings, don't make that mistake again. This concert is even more amazing than the original S & M was and incorporates a lot of Metallica's current production elements. Check out the set list below!

For whiskey lovers, there is even more good news ... Blackened Whiskey is back in town.  Metallica's very own whiskey was in pretty short supply initially but, now a BUNCH more has been ordered for our area so, getting yourself a bottle should be super easy from here on!  Ask for it at your favorite liquor store.

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