Drama unfolds when a bunch of keyboard warriors starts talking about, of all things a ROAD, US Route 285 in New Mexico.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

1. Driving US Route 285 in NM does not bother me. With one exception, if I had to drive it in an EV (electric vehicle) I would be scared to death. MLG can stick her EV plans for NM! - BOB N

2. In NM one always needs to be prepared. I never go anywhere of any distance without water, food, tools, and protection. I actually enjoy being in the middle of nowhere.


Too many people today are totally unprepared for anything. Such is our soft, woke, and social media-obsessed culture. - PAUL

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3. The elk are much heavier than deer and harder to kill. Also, watch out for the new groups of thieves traveling on this stretch of road even during the day. They will steal your car and dump you in the desert.


In the heat your cellphone battery discharges twice as fast as usual. Be careful out there. Make sure someone knows you are traveling that stretch of road, make sure you have left them with the make and model and license plate on your car.


Phone them when you start that route and again when you reach either civilization or a UFO. - PE

4. Another road is the one between Carrozozo and San Antonio. Although a beautiful drive it can be dangerous. Driving these N.M. roads in the heat of summer can take a toll on a vehicle.


Would not want to drive them in an EV for fear of overheating and the car catching fire. - CHARLIE

Deer lying dead by roadside on grass verge, road kill, cars on road
David De Lossy

5. Baloney. A gorgeous, although challenging drive. Always exhilarating, always calls for the best from driver and vehicle. - NELL

A debate about New Mexico's "most feared" road trip, that somehow spiraled into a circus of survivalism, electric vehicle paranoia, and social commentary?

Who knew highways could be this entertaining?

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