Effective tomorrow, New Mexico is shutting down all non-essential businesses due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

18 new cases were recently reported in New Mexico, bringing the state total to 89 and the number of those people hospitalized is now at 83. Businesses deemed "essential" include hospitals and clinics of course, along with grocery stores and pharmacies among others. To see a more complete list of those businesses, click here.

Michelle Lujan Grisham announced the closures earlier today and added that:

“Everyone in this state has as social contract for responsibility for one another,” she said. “If you don’t take this serious, then we can’t reduce the spread of COVID-19.” - abqjournal.com

Governor Grisham also advised that all gatherings, even if just family members, should be limited to 5 people. Being that a large portion of El Paso borders New Mexico, this will surely impact El Pasoans who routinely shop or otherwise conduct business in places like Anthony, Las Cruces, Chaparral, etc. You might want to call ahead...

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