We had a pretty lengthy conversation about legalizing marijuana this morning on the show that involved Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. I'm not going to throw anyone under the bus, but someone on the show, who we will call Fuzz, was talking about how driving to Arizona to get weed doesn't sound that bad. Well, Fuzz might not have to drive all the way to Arizona because things might be moving towards legalization of marijuana in New Mexico.

Where does New Mexico currently stand on marijuana? It's currently only legal for medical use, but small amounts have been decriminalized by the state. There are valid reasons to legalize marijuana, with the big one being the amount of money the state would make on taxes of the product.

One of the reasons it seems the New Mexico is inching closer to the legalization of marijuana is that Democrats have gained some seats in the state's Senate. Plus right next door Arizona just legalized it as well. I have a friend who lived in Arizona for a bit back in the early 2000s and he told me, very adamantly, that Arizona would be the last state to legalize marijuana because it is such a conservative state. Well, that's obviously not the case because not only have they legalized marijuana, but as I'm writing this, Biden still has a lead in Arizona. That lead has been diminishing but the fact that Arizona is competitive shows you how that state is changing. Of course, a lot of Biden making Arizona so close has a lot to do with President Trump because an absolute piece of s*** to the late John McCain.

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