A Carlsbad city councilor caused a stir online after his comments on the Women's March went viral. Now he's apologized but still lost his private sector job.

A Carlsbad, NM city council member drew criticism online after his Facebook post went viral. Now his private employer has fired him this week over the comments.

Carlsbad city council member J.R. Doporto wrote on his Facebook his feeling's about the Women's Marches that were held all over the country and world. Doporto wrote:

"Just want to give a heads up to the women! You have rights! A right to cook and a right to clean. Today is Sunday and the NFL playoffs are on. I suggest you stop your b!tching/protesting during this time. Because you also have a right to get slapped!"

When asked by television station KOB about his comments, Doporto had this to say:

“What is appropriate today as an elected official?  I mean, you see Donald Trump tweeting every day.  If I offended somebody I’m sorry. You uh, maybe shouldn’t uh, read my posts, just scroll on, everybody has that right.”

He also wrote on his Facebook about his interview with KOB,

"Channel 4 KOB is is gonna owe me some endorsement money! 10 pm nightly news ratings are gonna skyrocket! Stay tuned cook, clean and get slapped. Jokes on you KOB!"

This week at a city council meeting, Doporto apologized to people who were offended but did not want to step down from the city council.

Council member J.R. Doporto was employed as a network engineer at Holly Frontier Corporation. Holly Frontier Corporation is an oil company based in Dallas, Texas. He has been let go from his job after the internet firestorm over his controversial comments. Doporto is now considering legal action against Holly Frontier Corporation over his dismissal. He told the Carlsbad Current-Argus,

"In my opinion, I was fired for a freedom of speech issue. It was wrong that they fired me. They said it was pretty much because of this. I didn't do anything on their time. I was never on the clock. They said they fired me because they were made aware of violent and degrading comments on my Facebook. I didn't see anything violent or degrading. It wasn't right for them to terminate me."

Read more at the Carlsbad Current-Argus website.

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