Looks like Science is really playing a major role when it comes to leaving this world. There has been an addition to the list of ways on what to do with a loved one's ashes.

There is a new addition when it comes to saying goodbye to loved ones that leave this world. Last month you were told about a new way of being buried when your time is up. If you plan on ditching a coffin, you can always be buried in an organic burial pod that later grows into a tree. But now there is a new way to say goodbye that has been going viral. This latest memorial service is for the ones that plan on being cremated instead of buried. Celestis provides a few options on the type of spacelight experience you would like. After the balloon finally reaches 80,000 feet, the ashes of your loved one are released. The cool thing about this is the after the ashes are released they can last up to years spinning around in space.

Although this is a pretty cool memorial it still doesn't make death sound any better!

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