Looks like there is a new way to be buried that will make you reconsider the coffin option. After you view this video about Organic burial pods, you may start looking into this new burial method.

The Social Reject Society has a video showing you how the organic burial pods will turn your loved ones into trees. I know no one ever likes to think about their own death but sometimes it is better to be prepared. This new way of being buried turns human bodies into trees. The plus about this new way or burying our loved ones is it would be beautiful to see trees grow instead of the tombstones. The pod is made of biodegradable material that holds the deceased. Now the only place this type of burial is not accepted is in Italy. These kinds of coffins litter the earth in a good kind of littering way. There are some people who will still want to be buried in a coffin but this type of burial has me intrigued.

The organic burial pods don't sound so bad and leave a happy memorial of loved ones.


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