The city of El Paso has a new tool to help missing pets get back to their homes!

The new pet finder map documents where pets were lost and/or found, helping the "finders" and the "losers" to meet and get the fur kids back where they belong. Owners who file a missing pet report by calling 311 can also have their pet's photo posted on the map, further helping to get them home even quicker. The map is available online and via the EP311 app, you can view it here.

“Every nose counts, especially as El Paso gets closer to becoming a ‘no-kill’ community,” said Paula Powell, Animal Services Director. “By keeping pets in their homes and out of the shelter, we will be able to better manage our current shelter population, which will result in more lives being saved.”  - El Paso Herald Post

This could really help to keep animals out of shelters and taken back to the homes where they belong. If you find or lose a pet, be sure you have the app downloaded or check out the website!!