The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter is about to open in Hollywood but one new ride is making testers extremely nauseous. Now engineers are scrambling to fix the problem.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is opening at Universal Studios Holly on April 7th but they may have a major problem with their new ride - people have been throwing up during the ride.

The Wizarding World is known for their replicas of Diagon Alley, Hogmeade and all their shops, but the ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the gem of the area. The ride takes people on a realistic 3D broom ride over Hogwarts, through the Quidditch pitch along with the Forbidden Forest and other iconic places in the books.

The ride is already being used at the Wizarding World in Florida but according to the website the new ride in Hollywood is an "updated adaption." Riders wear 3D goggles and are harnessed in to a robotic system that includes visual affects. The seats move 360 degrees and sends riders spinning, pivoting and twirling along the elevated track. Employees of Universal Studios who have had the chance to ride the updated adventure have been getting sick. Some weren't even able to finish the ride before getting sick, according to TMZ. Engineers are now scrambling to fix the ride before the opening date.

Universal has not made a comment so far on the ride. Check out what the original ride in Orlando looks like in the video above.