Whenever a new marketplace is coming to town excitement always radiates from the surrounding community. Especially when you don't have to make a distant drive just for some entertainment like seeing a movie. Just recently El Paso Inc. reported that the upcoming retail/movie theater is still under construction at the moment. The best news some Eastsiders could hear is they have a date for when to expect Eastlake Marketplace to be completed.

The first time we heard about Eastlake Marketplace building in that area was almost a year ago. But finally, the residents surrounding Eastlake and Horizon City are getting what they want and need. Some people I know who live in Horizon City usually have to drive to Tinseltown near George Dieter or the Cinemark off Montana and Joe Battle. Once the new Eastlake Marketplace is completed, they will be able to travel less than they did before to see a movie. So now the community will be able to enjoy their new Cinemark Theater with 12-screens.

Plus right after a movie, people can enjoy some delicious eats or instead go shopping at Ross. Some of the food joints that will also be opening at Eastlake Marketplace are Cracker Barrel, Chik-fil-A, Whataburger, and more. So when exactly can we expect Eastlake Marketplace to open? El Paso Inc. released that the Eastlake Marketplace plans on opening next spring in March 2021. The way that time has been flying by lately means we can expect the opening in no time. Now we just have 11 more months to go until the Eastlake Marketplace is completed and open.

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