Fite TV has done it again! The same folks who brought you Extreme Pillow Fighting and Triad Combat (like an octagon but with five fewer sides) have developed a NEW way for huge men to bash each other to bloody, meaty pulps—introducing “Hockey Fights but Without the Hockey.”

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens
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“Ice Wars: The Beginning” will premiere this Saturday, May 21st, on Fite TV.

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I can’t describe it better than “Hockey Fights without Hockey.” It would be like if someone made a NASCAR-style race that consisted of nothing but the crashes. If THAT sounds awesome to you…don’t tell Fite-TV because I think they’d actually try to put it on.

The BAMS will have some guests tomorrow (5-19-2022) to talk about it. Chris Therien played 12 seasons in the NHL, one of the fighters, mainly with the Flyers and one season in Dallas with the Stars. That means “Ice Wars” will include at LEAST one Olympic silver medalist (’94 Lillehammer).

Ice Hockey - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day 11
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At the same time, executive producer and world’s most famous houseguest…Kato Kaelin! How does Kato Kaelin come to be associated with an all-hockey fight PPV? I figure this event has a lot in common with the OJ case: Kato’s there for some unknown reason, and eventually, someone will drop the gloves.

Kato and Chris Therien will be on the MoSho at 7:20 am MST.

Also, the president of Ice Wars is AJ Galante, son of mob associate James “the REAL Tony Soprano” Galante.

I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but…THIS is where the story gets weird.

When AJ was 17 years old, his dad bought him a hockey team. The Danbury Trashers were such a violent, insane (yet successful) team that there’s a Netflix docu-series about them called UNTOLD: Crimes and Penalties. Here’s the trailer…

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