A beloved gorilla, Harambe, was shot and killed by a Cincinnati zoo response team after a 4-year-old boy fell into the animal's enclosure.

According to officials, the young boy spent about 10 to 15 minutes alone with Harambe as the gorilla dragged the boy around the enclosure. Witnesses said the gorilla didn't look like the gorilla was attacking the young boy. The endangered gorilla was shot and killed in order to save the boy from possible danger.

Many people are upset with the way the Cincinnati Zoo handled the situation. People are strongly voicing their opinion on what should have been done, what needs to be done and who should face punishment in this situation on social media. Multiple Facebook pages have been created to help bring justice to Harambe's death.

A Change.org petition is demanding the parent's be charged for child endangerment, condemns the killing of Harambe and pushes to create "Harambe's Law" which would set guidelines if something like this would happen again, "that if at anytime this shall occur, the negligent party and or party's be held financially and criminally responsible for any harm and or loss to an animal, specifically when said animal is Critically Endangered."

The child was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the Gorilla World exhibit remains closed.

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