Do you love pizza? Do you enjoy an old fashioned sausage party? What about a new fashioned sausage party? What about a Luke warm sausage party? Are you too cheap or lazy to make your own or order for carryout / delivery? Well do I have news for you! Because it's National Sausage Pizza Day!


In celebration of this meaty, cheesy and saucy day I have decided to buy the three most common frozen sausage pizzas I've seen my friends eat, and then compared which one is the worst and which one reigns supreme, pizza supreme...!

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None of the pizzas was purely sausage because apparently they do don't that in frozen form. Each one was a combination of either three to five meats. Now like a stripper on pay day, my focus was on the sausage portion. Nothing better than wrapping your mouth around a delicious hot sausage, am I right?!


Photo by Nico

Sam's Choice 5 Meat Pizza, Walmart Brand 3 Meat Rising Crust Pizza, and finally the Red Baron 2 Meat Pizza.


Crust: 5
Sauce: 4
Cheese: 4
Sausage: 4
Overall: 17

The dough of the crust rose about half an inch and made it look like there was way more breading than cheese or sauce. But once you took a bite, all of that dough compressed into an airy, buttery, and delicious bite. Paired with the crunchy bottom of the crust, this made for one of the most delicious textural experiences I've had with pizza. The crust complemented everything else even if the individual ingredients weren't the best.


Crust: 3
Sauce: 5
Cheese: 3
Sausage: 4
Overall: 15

Even though this pizza came out toastier than recommended I could taste the richness of the sauce that showed through like a light in the fog, which paired beautifully with the crispy sausage. The crust and the cheese were all right but it was the sauce and sausage that made me want to come back for more... Sauce and sausage.


Photo by Nico

Crust: 4
Sauce: 4
Cheese: 4
Sausage: 4
Overall: 16

The Red Baron tasted the most standard of all the frozen pizzas. It was oily and it was salty and it was freaking delicious. The crust was crispy, the sauce was saucy and the cheese was cheesy. Oh and the sausage that was all right too. But if you're looking for something to surprise you then this isn't the pizza for you.


In the end the real winner was me because I got to eat a ton of freaking pizza. But if I had to pick the most tasty, the one with the best texture, and the one that simply filled my soul it would have to be the 3-meat Walmart brand rising crust pizza. Even though it was doughy and there was a lot more bread then cheese, the sauce was delicious and the crust was light and airy in the middle and crispy on the bottom. It made for the perfect crunch, and chew that you want to enjoy with your mixture of meats cheese and tomato sauce.


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