Have you gotten naked lately?  It could pay off for you!

Were not talking get naked while dancing in a club and make money here, I'm talking about Naked Juice.  If you purchased certain flavors of this stuff lately, the Naked Juice company could owe you as much as $75 dollars!


Certain flavors of Naked Juice contained false or misleading information on the labels.  (Phrases like "All Natural", 100% juice" and others were found to be questionable.)  As a result of several class action lawsuits, Naked Juice was ordered to allocate $9 million dollars to refunding customers.  According to yahoo.com, here's what to do if you think you deserve a payment.

Individuals who purchased eligible Naked Juice flavors like Green Machine, and other products listed on NakedJuiceClass.com, between Sept. 27, 2007 and Aug. 19, 2013 can send in a claim form electronically or through mail by Dec. 17, 2013. People who bought Naked Juice and still have a proof of purchase are entitled to a cash payment of up to $75 while those without proof are eligible for up to $45, depending on how much you spent on Naked Juice.

If you qualify for any cash, use it to buy a product that is clear in it's labeling.  Like beer or whiskey ... tequila maybe!  (And remember, sharing is caring!!)