You know you get excited when someone famous mentions or once resided in your hometown. I have a special place in my heart for these four rock bands specifically for that purpose.

One night some friends and I were discussing about the rock bands we favor more because they're familiar with El Paso. It took a few friends a good long while until they could complete their top four list. I was able to quickly write down three but struggled on the last one between three bands. In case you're wondering what bands gave me a struggle were Zechs Marquise, Mars Volta, and At The Drive In. Below is the final list of my top four rock bands that share a similarity involving our El Chuco!

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    These guys formed in 2001 and are from El Paso, Texas! My very favorite album I can listen to on repeat from them is their 2006 release of Threes. My favorite song on that album would be "Taking Back Control" and was also featured in The Invisible movie.

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    Escape The Fate

    The only band member that connects Escape The Fate to El Paso would be the studly drummer Robert Ortiz. He sure shows passion in his drumming skills. He even created a YouTube video to give you words of wisdom if you needed any. He is right about success in the music industry, it's not about making it, it's about keeping it.

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    John Moyer is an American Musician who is the bassist for Disturbed and Adrenaline Mob. It was cool how they discussed the matter on stage about John's former hometown. This man cares about music so much he was the owner/director of Natural Ear School of Music. The Natural Ear School of Music was located in Austin, Texas before shutting the doors.

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    The Mars Volta

    The Mars Volta won me over after hearing "Televators" play as I tried to decide who would be my fourth pick. This progressive rock band formed in El Paso back in 2001 and has so many fans. The band had broken up in 2012 but just last month Cedric Bixler-Zavala word teased us saying they will be back soon. Let's cross our fingers and hope that is true!