I like big guys and I can not lie!

Everyone jokes around about how I am a self-proclaimed chubby chaser. I guess it's weird because I am a tiny girl but bigger is better. I really don't know what it is but big guys are just so much more attractive to me than skinny guys.

Now when I say skinny guys, I mean guys who look like Jack Skeleton. Guys who are fit are fine with me but if I can see every bone in your body, I am not into that. I'll throw a sandwich at you and walk away. I've dated skinny guys and it has cemented my idea of bigger guys are better.

Thanks to some of my awesome Twitter followers, I've created my top five reasons why big guys need love too.

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    They Love to Eat Out

    I love trying new restaurants and who better to indulged in delicious food with than a guy who isn't watching what he is eating. Sometimes I just want to stuff my face with greasy food and I need someone who is going to be right next to me, doing the same thing. A big guy isn't afraid to chow down anytime of the day on some pie, muffin or face cake.

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    Keeps You Warm

    During winter nights, I want to cozy up with a teddy bear not a corpse. I would have to spend tons of money on heating and blankets for a skinny dude, when I can just snuggle up to some man boob. When I go out to watch football games, I have to say cuddling with a big guy is the best way to keep warm and they sometimes smell like food.

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    More Understanding of Weight Gain

    I never though about this idea until @SugarSkull29 tweeted me about it. Big guys aren't really in a position to judge you on your weight. If you gain some weight, it's not that big of a deal but guys who are fit might tell you to hit the gym. I have some cousins that believe in the idea of their women needing to be in shape or they will leave them and they say this while drinking a beer. You also feel more comfortable with your body around each other. If you want to change your body, you guys can do it together without pressure.

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    Back in high school, I used to go to house parties that would end up being raided by the cops. When everyone would be running around panicking, I would just creep behind my big guy friends and walk out behind them. Cops usually didn't question them, I guess because they looked older, but their big bodies have saved me multiply times.

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    Cute Nicknames

    Big guys are usually cute and funny. They don't take things so seriously, which makes creating nicknames pretty awesome. I had one guy I would call "Doughboy" because he would make the same noise as the Pillsbury Doughboy when you poked him. Gabriel Iglesias has the best one, "Fluffy." He has made big bucks off of his nicknames and jokes, that's how you use your weight to your advantage. Everyone has that friend that they gave a ridiculous name like "Gordo" or "Fatso" because of his weight. You know you have one. My favorite would have to be "lunchbox", which I learned from Jay and Silent Bob.