KLAQ Balloonfest is happening Memorial Day weekend and I am beyond excited. The summer heat is already taking over El Paso, so it's the perfect time to ride some of the best rides at Wet-N-Wild.

I've been able to get on most of the rides at Wet-N-Wild, even though I am close to the size of an Oompa Loompa. The adrenaline rush I get from these rides is a feeling I always look forward to every Memorial Weekend, because it helps me stay alive during the rock concerts.

This year Volbeat, Anthrax, All That Remains, We Are Harlot, Sons of Texas, Flyleaf, Gin Blossoms and many more will be rocking Balloonfest, so my adrenaline rush is going to be extremely high! I have to get my plan ready to make sure I have time to get on all some of my favorite rides, so here are my Top 5 rides that I always look forward to riding.

1. The Screamer

The Screamer is a must when heading to Wet-N-Wild. It's a ride for those of you who are thrill seekers and aren't afraid of major wedgies. I have to gain enough confidence to get on it, but when I do, I enjoy every minute of it. Well, I am not sure how fast it goes so maybe I should say seconds.

2. The Soaker

I actually used to be afraid of this ride but after the fifth time of being forced to join my friend down this slide, I love it. It's a quick ride but such a rush of speed, you don't even have time to yell!

3. Volcano Peak

Volcano Peak is my favorite ride to watch people climb,  because everyone ends up bumping into each other with their inner tubes. It looks like a traffic jam of cheerios. When you make it to the top, you get to relax as you ride down the 60 ft. peak, down two adjacent slides. If only you could enjoy a beer as you ride down, this would be the perfect ride.



4. The Amazon

Travel out to the Amazon to take on 418 feet of twists and turns from the top of Price's tree house. I love it because it puts you in complete darkness as you slide down. You get hit with a final blast from a waterfall before you finally see daylight again. A ride you must check out if you love thrill rides.



5. The Vortex

A ride that is recommend for good swimmers only, the Vortex! You slide down into a open bowl like area where you ended up sliding around, until you end up falling out of a hole at the bottom. It's extremely fun once you reach the bowl area because the anticipation of falling out get your heart pumping.

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