Even though it's taking a while (okay, a long while!) winter is coming to the 915 and I am ready for it. Any day now I'm sure it'll hit us! We experienced a little bit of a "snow" storm a couple of weeks ago, which was glorious but as for now, we're in that time of year where it's a lovely 70 degrees outside just in time for Thanksgiving.

Because of that small and brief snow storm we had, we busted out with the winter essentials- warm pajamas, firewood for the fire place and of course, our San Marcos cobijas! Okay, yes, I'm fully aware that San Marcos the brand hasn't existed since 2004, but we still call the cobijas that. You know which ones- the one your mom busts out as soon as a small chill hits the air; the cobija that is big, plushy and warm and has one big design on it! Everyone in my family has one, each expressing who we are with a design fit for each of us.

For the record, my San Marcos is of a horse! It's a little worn out, I've had it for almost 15 years, but it definitely still keeps me warm on those cold nights.

joanna barba
joanna barba


San Marcos cobijas are the only kind my grandpa uses. There's something comforting about these types of blankets becoming popular recently- it almost feels like now everyone can appreciate these blankets. What many Mexicans have dubbed the original Snuggie, we can now share it with the rest of the world. In honor of these cobijas, here are six of my favorite designs!

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